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Sofa Sippin’ with BAM

May 9, 2020 @ 2:00 pm - 5:30 pm



Sofa Sippin’ with BAM is a FREE, three-and-a-half-hour virtual celebration of Maryland beer and local music. Featuring owners, brewers, and representatives from breweries throughout Maryland, this socially distant fundraising event for the state’s craft beer industry will happen on YouTube.

Proceeds from Sofa Sippin’ with BAM will support the efforts of the Brewers Association of Maryland and its mission of advocacy and promotion on behalf #MDBeer and our members.


For this event, you get to bring your own beer! Build your own Maryland beer tasting experience–order your selection from your favorite local breweries (check local availability of pickup and delivery options at biermi).

You’re invited to join panels of brewery owners, brewers, representatives, and partners as they discuss the following popular beer categories:

Clean & Crisp (2:10 – 2:30 pm)

Suggested Beers for this Session:

           1623 Brewing Co. Out ‘rye’ teous – Chocolate Rye Kölsch 7 Locks Brewing Paint Branch Pilsner Antietam Brewery General’s Golden Ale  Astro Lab Brewing Cuzzie’s Kolsch Style   BC Brewery Take This & Call Me In The Morning – American Lager  Checkerspot Brewing Daydream Baltimore Lager  Denizens Brewing Co.  Born Bohemian Pilsner/ PGC Premium Lager   Double Groove Brewing Atomic Blonde Ale   Elder Pine Brewing & Blending Co Pilsner/ Steward of Element/ Neighborly  Full Tilt Memorial Pilsner   Guinness Open Gate Brewery Guinness Blonde  Heavy Seas Beer Pounder Pilsner  Hysteria Brewing Hoodie Season    Idiom Brewing Co Under the Sun Kölsch    Independent Brewing Company Nachos for Muchacoes  Jailbreak Brewing Company O.G. – Original Golden lager    Jug Bridge Brewery Schifferstadt    Key Brewing Co. All Days Off Mexican Lager    Manor Hill Brewing Manor Hill Pilsner    Milkhouse Brewery Local Lager  Monument City Penchant Pils/ Early Light lager    Olde Mother Brewing Queen of Swords Pale Ale   Oliver Brewing Co Social Lager  Peabody Heights Brewery Old Oriole Park Bohemian   Pooles Island Brewing Company Our Seltzer/ Wine Beer Hybrid    Rockwell Brewery Drinking With Dad Summer Pilsner    Scorpion Brewing LLC Lawnmower   Smoketown Light Rail Lager/ Kramer’s Cream Ale  True Respite Brewing Company Fox Keller   Pilsner   Union Craft Brewing Anthem  Golden Ale/ Skipjack Pilsner   Waredaca Brewing Co. Paulownia Pilsner

Hoppy & Bitter (2:35 – 2:55 pm)

Suggested Beers for this Session:

7 Locks India Pale Lager • Antietam Brewery Little Mac IPA • Astro Lab Brewing PiPA Low ABV IPA • B.C. Brewery Herding Cats American IPA • Checkerspot Brewing Juniperus • Denizens Brewing Co Southside Rye IPA  • Double Groove Brewery Gimme 3 Hops DIPA • Elder Pine Brewing & Blending Stargazer • Full Tilt Brewing Hops the Cat IPA • Guinness Open Gate Brewery Guinness IPA • Heavy Seas Beer Loose Cannon IPA • Hysteria Brewing 1996 • Idiom Brewing Company Hopped Up American IPA • Independent Brewing Company Carpe Diem • Jailbreak Brewing Company Poor Righteous • Key Brewing Co. Bail Money IPA • Manor Hill Brewing One More IBU Unlocks This Character • Milkhouse Brewery Green Farmers Pale Ale •  Monument City Brewing Company 6-String • Olde Mother Brewing Impressionist IPA • Oliver Brewing Co. 206 IPA • Peabody Heights Brewery Thirstay • Pooles Island Brewing Company Tan Lines • Scorpion Brewing HMS ST Lawrence • Smoketown Brewing Station Ashcat Pale Ale • Smoketown Brewing Station Maryland Rye Maryland • Smoketown Brewing Station Potomac IPA • True Respite Brewing Company Squirrel Hops IPA • Waredaca Brewing Co. Beecher IPA

Juicy & Hazy (3:05 – 3:25 pm)

Suggested Beers for this Session:

7 Locks Brewing Shattered Glass NEIPA • Antietam Brewery Blind Ambition • Astro Lab Brewing Fresh As IPA • Astro Lab Brewing Jupiter IPA • Astro Lab Brewing Star Taker IPA • Astro Lab Brewing Supergroove IPA • B.C. Brewery Electric Hammer Triple IPA • B.C. Brewery Paw Paw IPA • Checkerspot Brewing Invisible Pink Unicorn • Denizens Brewing Co. Animal Hazy IPA •  Double Groove Brewing Dirty White NEIPA • Elder Pine Brewing & Blending Asleep on the Forest Floor • Elder Pine Brewing & Blending Call of the Void • Elder Pine Brewing & Blending L’appel Du Vide • Full Tilt Brewing All Together IPA • Hysteria Brewing What You Want • Idiom Brewing Company Kindred Spirits NEIPA • Independent Brewing Company Personal Space Invader • Jailbreak Brewing Company Special Lady Friend • Jailbreak Brewing Company This is for the G’s • Jug Bridge Brewery Ragged Misfortune • Key Brewing Co. Dundalk Calling DIPA •  Manor Hill Brewing Crooked Beak • Monument City Brewing Company NOBO • Olde Mother Brewing User Friendly • Oliver Brewing Co. Bmore Hazy • Peabody Heights Brewery Astrodon • Pooles Island Brewing Company Bay Haze • Rockwell Brewery B.I. G. Juicy New England IPA • Scorpion Brewing NEIPA • Smoketown Brewing Station Ashcat Pale Ale • Smoketown Brewing Station The Patsy Hazy IPA • Smoketown Brewing Station Potomac IPA • Waredaca Brewing Co. Winslow

Malty & Sweet (3:30 – 3:50 pm)

Suggested Beers for this Session:

7 Locks Brewing Erin Go Brew Irish Red Ale • Antietam Brewery Lil’ Ben’s Milk Stout • Astro Lab Brewing Moo Milk Stout • B.C. Brewery Aunt JeMamma • B.C. Brewery Ceal Team Belgian Quad • Checkerspot Brewing The Modern Fitzgerald • Denizens Brewing Co. Salty Wolfe Stout • Double Groove Brewing Irish Red Skies •  Elder Pine Brewing & Blending Astrid the Shield Maiden • Elder Pine Brewing & Blending Barrel-Aged Chinwag • Elder Pine Brewing & Blending Gjaerkauk • Full Tilt Brewing Beer Maria Blonde Ale • Heavy Seas Beer Cutlass • Idiom Brewing Company One For All Imperial Milk Stout • Independent Brewing Company Reverends Red • Jailbreak Brewing Company The Infinite Amber Ale • Key Brewing Co. Chesapeake Common Lager • Manor Hill Brewing Mild Manor’d Amber • Milkhouse Brewery Jimmy Nelly’s Irish Red Ale •  Monument City Brewing Company American Brown Ale • Olde Mother Brewing King Sire English Brown Ale • Oliver Brewing Co. Creator/Destroyer • Peabody Heights Brewery Ritchie Vienna Lager • Pooles Island Brewing Company Aberdeen • Rockwell Brewery Bitchin Camaro Milk Stout •  Scorpion Brewing Irish Red • Smoketown Brewing Station Berlin Brown Ale • Smoketown Brewing Station 9 lb Hammer • Smoketown Brewing Station Wick’d Threesome • True Respite Brewing Company Scrum & Hooker Nut Brown Ale • Union Craft Brewery Balt Altbier  • Waredaca Brewing Co. Galloway Scotch Ale

Fruity, Spicy, Tart, & Funky (4:00 – 4:20 pm)

Suggested Beers for this Session:

1623 Brewing Co. Basic Bitch • 7 Locks Brewing Dry Hoppy Bitch Monkey Sour w/ Galaxy Hops •  Antietam Brewery Otto’s Raspberry • Astro Lab Brewing Das Pash Fruited Berliner Weisse • Astro Lab Brewing Die Mango Berliner Weisse • Astro Lab Brewing 10th Floor Saison • B.C. Brewery Cucumber Melon Gose • B.C. Brewery Fugly Duckling Sour • Checkerspot Brewing Locally Delicious • Denizen’s Brewing Co. Third Party Tripel • Denizen’s Brewing Co. Brett Party • Denizen’s Brewing Co. Georgia Ave  •  Double Groove Brewing Walking on Sunshine Belgian Ale  • Elder Pine Brewing & Blending Bones • Elder Pine Brewing & Blending Berry Chaser • Elder Pine Brewing & Blending Farmhouse at Midnight • Elder Pine Brewing & Blending Oat Villein • Full Tilt Brewing Dan’s Jams • Guinness Wide Mouth White Ale • Idiom Brewing Company What Gose ‘Round • Independent Brewing Company Technicolor Breeze • Key Brewing Co. Undertow Gose • Milkhouse Brewery Red Plum Farm De Garde • danor Hill Brewing Hayes Creek • Olde Mother Brewing White Satin Belgian Wit • Oliver Brewing Co. Love at First Sting • Peabody Heights Brewery Mr. Trashwheel’s Solar Power Sour • Pooles Island Brewing Company Sour Cherry • Rockwell Brewery Raspberry Beret- Raspberry Sour •  Smoketown Brewing Station German Crossing Hefeweizen • Smoketown Brewing Station Krampus Habanero Stout • Smoketown Brewing Station Rock the Red Raspberry Wheat • True Respite Brewing Company Tart Cherry Stout • True Respite Brewing Company Queenie Union Craft Brewing Old Pro Gose • Waredaca Brewing Co. 3-2-1 Gose with Jalapeño and Lime

Dark & Toasty (4:30 – 4:50 pm)

Suggested Beers for this Session:

Antietam Brewery Witness Tree Nut Brown • Astro Lab Brewing Moo Milk Stout • B.C. Brewery Cookie Puss Stout • Checkerspot Brewing Keeper Stout • Double Groove Brewery Sweet Stout ‘O Mine Milk Stout  • Elder Pine Brewing & Blending Barrel-Aged Under the Weeping Sun • Elder Pine Brewing & Blending Barrel-Aged Transpire • Elder Pine Brewing & Blending Jupiter’s Cake • Elder Pine Brewing & Blending Praamzius Ruler of Time •  Guinness Over the Moon Milk Stout • Heavy Seas Beer Peg Leg • Idiom Brewing Company In a Nut Shell • Independent Brewing Company Cereal Killer • Jug Bridge Brewery Ode to Ireland • Jug Bridge Brewery Sagner Avenue • Manor Hill Brewing Two Spoons, Please • Olde Mother Brewing King Sire English Brown Ale • Oliver Brewing Co. Creator/Destroyer • Peabody Heights Brewery Lost Generation • Pooles Island Brewing Company NightmarshScorpion Brewing Dunkel • Smoketown Brewing Station Chocolate Stache Chocolate Milk Stout • Smoketown Brewing Station Gandy Oatmeal Stout • Smoketown Brewing Station Smokestack Black IPA • Waredaca Brewing Co. Reveille

Cider & Mead (5:00 – 5:20 pm)

Suggested Ciders and Meads for this Session:

B.C. Brewery Dry Humor Cider • B.C. Brewery PawPaw Cider • Checkerspot Brewing Fresh Pressed Apple Cider •Maryland Meadworks Bitter Bee• Independent Brewing Company Grapeful to In Cider • Olde Mother Brewing Falkor Hard Cider with Dragonfruit • Pooles Island Brewing Company Dry Hopped Cider • Smoketown Brewing Station Creekside Cider • Smoketown Brewing Station Smoketown Cider • Smoketown Brewing Station Grow a Pear Cider

Breweries participating on panels, offering discounted beers, and supporting this event through media creation include:

1623 Brewing Company • 7 Locks Brewing Company • Antietam Brewery • Astro Lab Brewing • B.C. Brewery • Checkerspot Brewing  Double Groove Brewery • Elder Pine Brewing & Blending • Full Tilt Brewing • Guinness Open Gate Brewery • Heavy Seas Beer • Hysteria Brewing • Idiom Brewing Co. • Independent Brewing Company • Jailbreak Brewing Company • Jug Bridge Brewery • Manor Hill Brewing • Milkhouse Brewery at Stillpoint Farm • Monument City Brewing Company • Olde Mother Brewing • Oliver Brewing Co. • Peabody Heights Brewery • Pooles Island Brewing Company • Scorpion Brewing • Smoketown Brewing Station / Smoketown on the Creek • True Respite Brewing Company • Waredaca Brewing Co. • More to come!


Delicious beer pairs wonderfully with tasty jams. Several awesome, local musicians are stepping up and showing their support for Maryland’s brewing industry. Musical entertainment from local musicians includes performances by:

Please show your support for these awesome local musicians by tipping them via their virtual tip jars.
To tune in to Sofa Sippin’ with BAM, just stop by our YouTube channel!!


Always thought you’d be big-time Hollywood mover and shaker? Offer your financial support in advance of Sofa Sippin’ with BAM and become a producer–a credit you can use wherever credits are accepted! This industry wouldn’t be possible without you and we’re hoping you can share your support of this event.



The following Producer Packages are available and feature the associated benefits:


    • Executive Producer credit on the event pages and in credits at the end of the event.
    • Discounted beer through biermi (delivery and pickup options vary by brewery)
    • 15 % off passes to 2021 Brewers Association of Maryland event of your choice


    • Associate Executive Producer credit on the event pages and in credits at the end of the event.
    • Discounted beer through biermi (delivery and pickup options vary by brewery)
    • 10 % off passes to 2021 Brewers Association of Maryland event of your choice

PRODUCER – $10 Donation

    • Producer credit on the event pages and in credits at the end of the event.
    • Discounted beer through biermi (delivery and pickup options vary by brewery)


Thanks to our producers:

Executive Producers

  • Meg Holt
  • Jeff Spigel
  • Juana Summers

Associate Executive Producers

  • Chris Kennedy
  • Kevin Smith


  • Jeffrey Nash

In the wake of the response to COVID-19, the Brewers Association of Maryland was forced to cancel the 2020 Maryland Craft Beer Festival–our industry’s largest annual fundraiser. To continue our mission of advocacy and promotion on behalf of Maryland’s craft beer industry, BAM will request contributions to a virtual tip jar throughout the event.


May 9, 2020
2:00 pm - 5:30 pm
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